How Many Vertebraes Does The Human Body Have?


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Vertebrae, is the plural, it does not contain an s, the singular form is vertebra, and comes from Latin. The individual irregular bones, make up the vertebral column or the spine, a flexible column. There are normally thirty-three vertebrae in humans, including five that are fused and form the sacrum, the other vertabrae are separated by discs. Then there are four coccygeal bones which form the tailbone. or cocsix which hurts so much when knocked. Then there are cervical (7 vertebrae), thoracic (12 vertebrae) and lumbar (5 vertebrae), according to the regions they are in.
Sometimes a missing vertabra, can be made up by having an additional one in another.
The cervical ones do not normally differ however.
Many people suffer back injuries when the discs wear or the nerves become pinched.
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33 vertebrae are present in our body. They together form the spine,7 cervical ,12 thoracic,5 each lumbar and sacral and 4 coccyx
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37 including fused

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