What Is The Difference Between The Nervous System And The Endocrine System?


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• A nerve travels very fast around the body however a hormone travels very slowly around the body.
• Hormones are produced by glands and nerves are produced by the nervous system.
• Nerves die out very quickly whereas hormones live longer.
• Hormones travel around the body as chemicals but nerves travel by electrical impulses.
• Hormones are regenerated but nerves are not.
• Hormones have slow effects but last longer.
• Nerves have fast effects but don’t last long.
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The difference is:
Nervous system (Central Nervous System) control : * The messengers are the neurotransmitters
* The CNS is instantaneously reacting
* The CNS is a physical reaction producer
* Nerves are not regenerated
* It consists of brain and spinal cord
* short lived and mostly electrical messages
Endocrine system ( hormonal ) control :
* The messengers are hormones
* The hormonal system is late in reaction
* It is a chemical reaction producer
* Hormones are regenerated
* It is ductless glands that secrete hormones into tissue fluid
* It's long lasting and uses chemical messages
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Oh my god ITS A GRIZZLY BEAR!!! ;O
thts when your nervous system kicks in, since it has faster effects- its like your reaction. When you see a grizzly bear or danger your nervous system detects wats goin on in and around the body and sends electrical messages, telling you "DANGER" making your muscle contract and run. The endocrine system produces hormones (chemical mssges) tht goes to the organs and tell them how to adjust.

Ex. You see a Lion
eyes,ears pick up signals -> brainwork
glands-->endocrine syst. ~ release adrenaline
                                           ^ heart rate to go up
                                           increasing blood rate
                                            provides oxygen and nutrients= run faster
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Both maintain homeostasis,  the endocrine system is controlled by the nervous system, but the big difference is that the endocrine system has slow effects (long period of time) and the nervous system have fast effects (short period of time)
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    nervous system                                                                                 endocrine system    1.messages travels as electrical impulse                                    messages travels as chemical                                                                                                         substance2.transmission is via nerves fibers                                              transmission is via bloodstream3.effectors receive the message                                                 target organs receive the                                                                                                                 message       

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