What Are Emotions And What Role They Play In Endocrine System?


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Emotions are positive and negative feelings state consisting of a pattern of cognitive physiological and behavioral reactions to events that have relevance to important goals and motives. For example, gloom, delight, love, fear, anger etc.

Emotions are responses to external or internal eliciting stimuli. Emotional responses results from, interpretations, or cognitive arousal of these stimuli, which gives the situation its perceived meanings and significance. Our bodies respond physiological to over arousal we may become physically stirred up as in fear, anger or we may experience decrease arousal as in depression.

Endocrine system is also important in emotions. It conveys information in the form of hormones. The nervous system transmitted information rapidly with the speed of nerve impulses the endocrine system is much slower because delivery of its messages depends on the rate of blood flow, thus when the brain has important information to transmit. It has a choice of sending it directly in the form of nerve impulses to relatively small number of neurons are indirectly by means of hormones to a large number of cells. Often both communication networks are used. Resulting in both immediate and prolong stimulation.

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