If You Had Too Make Up A Name For A Planet What Would It Be And Why?. What Features Would You Find There.


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I would name my planet 'Planet Justice' and only good people would be allowed there-anyone who did wrong things would be barred forever.There would be no Bloodshed, murder,cruelty, violence,pollution,litter,sin,injustice,arguments,unhappiness,bad things,or wrongdoing of any kind.It would have beautiful geographical features .There would be a lovely river which led to the seaside, lots of amazing flowers and other plants, wonderful mountains that would be fun to climb, wonderful; trees that would be fun to climb, and you could play all day.It would have lots of fun places such as the circus, the cinema, funderland,etc... School would not be obligatory. nobody would ever feel sad or be sick.you could eat anything you wanted and it would be good for you, even junk food. There would be no such thing as money and everything would be free. All the animals would be tame and friendly and would be our friends. There would be purple trains to transport you around the different places, and green boats for the rivers. Everyone would always be good and happy and they would all be friends.
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I would call my planet valkyrie,its a double ringed planet but not a gas giant,a desert like environment,and a unusual layer called hydro mantle,it has northern and southern polar ice caps,and many,many geysers because of the hydro mantle and molten core,and the weather is really,really cloudy,formerly it has four natural satellites,but the other two is destroyed (which build up the two rings)so there are only two satellites left.
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I would call it "Planet Weirdo" because I am a weirdo. No offense taken, dude!
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If I were to name a planet I would call it: Cafeinoz,I like that name. The features on my planet would include shops, theme parks, good food, plants, animals, labs (I like Chemistry) and we would have New year on FEB 16.
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I would call it planet volcano because I Love volcanos and fire and death and there would be lava and volcanos and no plants because theres like no water and there  would be lava creatures that lived in the volcanos and they would be carnivores and eat the little fire creatures that would  be like 3 times smaller than the lava creatures and I get carried away so easily..... ;)

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