What Dangers Does A Volcanic Eruption Of The Type Found In Island Arcs Pose To People Who Live Within 25 Kilometers (15 Miles) Of The Volcano?


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Immediately around the volcano, dangers include earthquake damage, flying rocks, heat blast, lava, floods, and mudslides. Rocks can be thrown 20 miles from a volcanic eruption but the ash can travel hundreds of miles.
Ash facts include:
-can dissipate into the high altitude wind stream and travel around the globe, possibly causing world-wide temperature changes.
-can clog water systems, damage vehicle engines, make walking slippery, and effect vegetation.
-can damage lungs and cause respiratory problems because it is extremely abrasive. It can also scratch eye tissue.
-can accumulate and collapse buildings. 1 inch of ash weighs up to 10 pounds dry and up to 15 pounds when wet.
-can short circuit electrical items such as computers.
-can cause power outages which often happen after an eruption.
-can corrode metal with long-term exposure.
-can linger and cause problems for months and months after an eruption.

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