How Do You Define An Active Volcano?


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An active volcano is one that is currently erupting or is likely to erupt in the near future. Those volcanoes that frequently erupt are described as active volcanoes. They may vent gases, lava or even pyroclastic materials. Some active volcanoes include Mount Etna in Italy, Mount Avacha in Russia, Mount Colima in Mexico, Sakurajima in Japan, and Mount Vesuvius in Italy.

A volcano may be defined as a hole in the surface of the earth which permits ash, molten rock, and gases to escape from underneath the surface. Over a period of time volcanic activity may form mountains or features similar to mountains. A volcano is usually formed in places where Teutonic plates come closer together or pull in opposite directions. Those volcanoes that have not erupted since ancient times are called extinct volcanoes while those that have not erupted recently but have been known to erupt in ancient times are called dormant.
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An active volcano is one that will erupt in the future or has already in erupted in the past. Some volcanoes's do not erupt for a very long time but they are still usually classifed as a active volcano.
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An active volcano is which erupted regularly. I'm just in year 8 so I think this is the easiest answer.

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