What Are The Top Qualities Of Pakistan?


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The best qualities of Pakistan are;
1. Pakistan enjoys all four seasons Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring
2. Pakistan is blessed with minerals
3. Pakistan has all kinds of land forms, Plains, Desert, Mountain, Hills, Forests, areas with glaciers, and area of extreme hot temperature.
4. Pakistan enjoys its border with arabian sea, the sea of warm waters.
5. Pakistan has a rich culture and tradition.
6. Pakistan produces best rice, mangoes, oranges, and dry fruit
7. Paksitani people are very intelligent and sincere, they are always willing to help thier brothers provided they are given a right direction. They are extremly helpful.
8. Pakistani people are beautiful at heart, beautiful in looks and they enjoy a balanced complextion and balances cuts.
9. Pakistan enjoys five rivers, they fertile the rich lands of Pakistan.
. As per studies, Pakistan has too much oil reserviors, only it does not have sufficient resources to utilise these blessings.

Only within 60 years, since Pakistan came into existance, its the centre of attention of all the world. Its name is being destroyed by its enemies with bad propaganda, it is the best, Every picture has two sides, or we can see anything with both neggative and positive visions, if we will look Pakistan with positive vision, it is blessed by God, but if we will see it with a negative vision, we can find bad people who are damaging its name, but see how much God has blessed it. You tell me should we adopt posive vision or negative vision while judging anything, only its enemies will look for negative traits that are few, and these also are only because of people. Isn't it? Pakitstan is the best. By Asima
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Pakistan has no qualities
it is the worst place on this planet

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