What Are The Major Rivers Of Pakistan?


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The Himalayas, Karakorum and Suileman Mountain ranges give rise to most of the rivers in Pakistan. The Indus is the largest and most important.

The Indus begins in the northern slopes of Kailash Mountain in China. It enters Pakistan from the north of Jammu and Kashmir after traveling a north westerly course through Tibet. It flows through the region of Ladak, Baltistan and Gilgit before reaching Karachi, from where it flows into the Arabian Sea. The Indus has many tributaries.

The Jhelum begins in a spring in Verinag in the south eastern part of Kashmir. It flows through Wular Lake, Baramula and enters a deep gorge cut by the river in the Pir Panjal range. From here it flows into the plains of Punjab after following the Indo-Pakistan border and finally joins the Chenab at Trimmu.

The Chenab springs from two rivers, the Chandra and the Bhaga which themselves originate from the Bara Lacha Pass in Lahul. It runs parallel to the Pir Panjal range and enters Punjab near Akhnur, and is later joined by Jhelum. It is further joined by Ravi and Sutlej.

The Ravi starts near the Rohtang pass in the Kangra valley and flows in the North West direction. Near Dalhousie, it turns to the south west, cuts through a gorge in the Dhaola Dhar range and then enters Punjab near Madhopur. It flows along the border before entering Pakistan and joining the Chenab.
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Pakistan has been blessed with many rivers to support it ever increasing population. They include Indus, Jhelum, Ravi, Chenab, Beas, Sutlej and Kabul.

Indus River being the major river has supported life from the earliest days of humanities and Indus Civilization was established due to the fact that Indus flowed all over the year. It is the longest and the most important river in Pakistan. Indus also is the longest river in the South East Asian region. It is the main supplier for provinces of Sindh and Punjab which being agriculture based require a substantial amount of water and Indus supports that need. Tarbela is the most famous dam that has been built on the Indus to restore the water resources.

The river in fact originates from Lake Mans-rower which is located in Tibet and flows through India into Pakistan. Indus River has been in news for the past few months due to the construction of Bag-lihar Dam by India which is in violation of the Indus Basin Treaty which was signed by the two countries.

Other rivers that have considerable importance is the River of Chenab which houses the Mangla dam and River Kabul has War-sak dam built in it.
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There are 24 Rivers in Pakistan

Sindh =4
Totala  24
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Chenab, Dasht, Dashtiari, Gambila, Ghaggar – Hakra, Gilgit, Gomal, Hub, Hungol, Hunza, Indus, Jhelum, Kabul, Swaan, Kundar, Kunhar, Kurram, Lyari, Malir, Panjkora, Panjnand, Ravi, Shigar, Sutlej, Swat, Tochi, Zhob.
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Rivers are very much important for Pakistan because Pakistan is an agricultural country and its economy depends upon export of rice and Cotton. Rivers are major source of water for agriculture and generation of electricity.  So, rivers are very important for Pakistan.
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Indus, ravi, jhelum, chenab
These are rivers of pakistan
Beas (ancient name Vipasha)
Chenab(ancient name Askini,)
Jhelam (ancient name Vitasta)
Ravi (ancient name Irawati,)
Satluj (ancient name Shatadru)
Indus River
Kabul river

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