When Do You Plant Tomatoes In Iowa?


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The Iowa State University recommends that tomatoes be planted in Iowa by June 20th. If you leave it too late to plant tomatoes then they will not be able to ripen before the start of the frosty weather. 
The shape of the tomatoes is normally standard and these tend to be classed as globe shaped. Tomatoes that tend to have a slightly flattened shape that is rounded are known as oblate. Tomatoes vary in size slightly and range from being small in shape to being large in shape.
In order to maximise your harvest of tomatoes it is very important to be aware of where and how to plant them. Tomatoes will grow best in deep soils that are well drained. Tomatoes are like a lot of other garden vegetables in that they prefer a soil that is slightly acidic and has a pH level of between 6.2 and 6.8. It is very important that the soil is tested every four years or five years. 
Tomatoes will need to have direct sun light for at least six hours. When deciding on where to plant the tomatoes it is important to choose an area that has not been used for growing tomatoes or other similar vegetable for at least two years. The other similar vegetables are peppers, potatoes and aubergines and all of these are classed as solanaceous crops. All of the solanaceous crops are prone to the same diseases. 
Tomatoes are very popular plants that people tend to grow in their gardens. There are a number of different variations and type of tomatoes that can be used for a number of different reasons. Some of the tomatoes are sweeter than others but others are actually more acidic. There are some general characteristics that determine different tomatoes and these are weight, size, colour and shape of the tomatoes.
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Planting tomatoes should be undertaken by around the 5th to the 10th of May in the outdoors. The last date to plant tomatoes is around middle of June to late June. It is recommended that those living in the northern parts should plant their crops after an additional week and those in the southern parts of Iowa can plant a week in advance. These are tentative outdoor planting dates. When growing tomatoes it is important to practice crop rotation as chances of contracting diseases common to solanaceous plants is reduced in the tomatoes. At least six hours of sunlight is required by the tomato plant. The freshly planted plants should be gradually exposed to more and more sunlight. Local County extension offices usually keep publications related to Tomatoes.

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