What Kind Of Fertilizer Do I Use On Wisteria?


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It is recommended that fertilizers that have a balanced sort of ratio of NPK be used. Though this plant requires more fertilizer then others of its type it fails to flower properly when too much fertilizer is provided. This is because the roots of the plant have nitrogen fixing bacteria present and an excess of nitrogen occurs when nitrogen rich fertilizers are provided.

Once the plant is established it may not require too much fertilizer. Try and add potassium and phosphate rich fertilizers instead of those rich in nitrogen. Since the plant is a creeper it is best to provide it with some sort of vertical support to allow it to climb high. Failure to do so will result in the plant developing into a loose and ugly mound.
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My wisteria is 5 years old and has not bloomed yet. It does not get but 4-6 hours sun a day. What do I do?

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