Which Country's Capital Was Named River Of January For The Fact That Its Location Was Discovered On January 1 1502?


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Rio de Janeiro, the former capital city of Brazil was named 'River of January' as it was discovered on January 1, 1502 by the Portuguese. It is the name of both state and the city in the country of Brazil. It is more commonly known as Rio. The city is also called as 'The Marvelous City'. The city is famous for its Copacabana beach and Ipanema beach. Some of the other famous sights of the city include Pedra da Gavea, a topsail rock. Rio is a very famous tourist destination spot and attracts more than 10 to 15 million tourists every year. The most famous statue of Christ with arms wide open is located here. It is known as Cristo Redentor.
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I am sorry Supershalz, but the Brazilian capital is Brasilia, since 1960. Rio de Janeiro is just the second largest city in the country and the most famous Brazilian city around the world. So long.

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