What Is The Weather Like Along The Length Of The River Nile?


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Since the Nile is the longest river in the world, the weather changes remarkably all along it. Close to the equator it is hot and the vegetation equatorial and thick, due to heavy summer rain.
In the north where it flows through the deserts it has been damed of in places to flood the fields in Egypt where there is little or no rain. However it is safe to say that all along it's the weather reaches 40 degrees C in summer, and winters are generally mild. Although the temperature change between night and day can be quite severe, and can feel very cold for the unprepared. Winds can also sweep down from the mountain ranges in the extreme North of Africa.
The vegetation is the best indicator of the the weather, where there is high rainfall, and intense heat, tropical forests, or reed beds and swamps exist, with the mosquitos who inhabit them. The burning heat of the desert is much less humid yet dangeous to travelers, for the lack of water in the intense heat and sand storms.
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The weather along the Nile River is not anything most people who look forward to!

Most of the weather around the Nile River is hot and very dry. They hardly get any rain. or snow. Instead they have sandstorms.

In sand storms the strong winds blow the sand around and force it into sand hills that are hills made of sand. It is painful to be stuck in these sandstorms are because when the sand is being thrown around it feels like sandpaper on your skin.

The combination of the heat, and the gritty sand is something people would be better off avoiding.
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The weather is hot and stuffy
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Weather on nile in February

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