How Many Cubic Feet Is In A Kg?


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5 cubic feet is how many kg
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Your question is not clear. Perhaps there is additional information.  A kilogram (Kg) is a unit of mass (or weight). A cubic foot is a unit of volume.  Two different quantities. As different as trying to convert feet to pounds. If you are 5 feet 8 inches tall; how much do you weigh? You might weigh 120 pounds or you might weigh 220 pounds. No way to tell your weight just by knowing your height.
One cubic foot is, indeed, equal to 28.3168 liters and a liter of some substance might well have a mass of 0.96 kilograms but what substance? Not water and not carbon dioxide.   CO2 has a density of about 1.6 kilograms per cubic meter at standard temperature and pressure.  A cubic meter is 35.315 cubic feet. And so a cubic foot of CO2 would have a mass of 0.0453 kg = 45.3 grams.  But this might not be what you are asking.You need to go back to your original source of information and see what the proper units are.
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