Who Are The Famous Foreign Scientist Who Contributed To Science And Technology?


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Whether a scientist is foreign or not really depends on where you are from. If you are in North America, a foreign scientist might be Russian, or Filipino. Conversely, if you are Russian, a foreign scientist might be American. Assuming that you are American, one example of a famous scientist who contributed to science and technology is the famous artists and free thinker, Leonardo Da Vinci. Best known as a painter of incredible talent and depth, Da Vinci also delved into inventions and creations that were way ahead of his time. Let's look at some amazingly prescient ideas that came from the fertile mind of the late Italian master:

The Science Of Da Vinci

• Da Vinci never had a formal science education, but he didn't really need one. Blessed with extraordinary perception and intelligence, Da Vince combined his love of art with a passion for anatomy and scientific investigation. In fact, Da Vinci pushed science forward to studying matter and recording his observations, hypotheses and conclusions in detailed reports that were centuries ahead of their time.
•  Da Vinci created exciting and (at that time) incredibly futuristic drawings of flying machines that were templates for future inventions in the field of aviation. Da Vinci also pushed forward medical study through his detailed analysis of the human body and its anatomy and Divine Proportion.

The Science Of Albert Einstein

• Born in Germany, Albert Einstein changed the study of physics forever when he created his well-known Theory of Relativity. Although Einstein gave the US special intelligence that spurred the creation of nuclear weapons during the Manhattan Project, he ultimately argued for peaceful resolution by opposing the use of nuclear fission for weapons purposes.

Both of these foreign-born scientists were light years ahead of their contemporaries, and their contributions to science are truly legendary.
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Charles Sutherland Elton and newton Are The Famous Foreign Scientist Who Contributed To Science And Technology.

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