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I will, give a very short description now. Previously I wrote a very extensive one, that disappeared when I had to unblock Java-script in my browser :(  (that complain is for the administrators of this site)  Now, a Macro is an abbreviation of Macro Instruction.  It has been originated in the beginning of Stored Program Digital Computers.  IA program in computer memory is a sequence of numbers, each number is a code for a CPU instruction, like add, move, jump, test, stop.  It is very unnatural to express programs in numbers,  an assembly language is closer to humans because every instruction is associated to a mnemonic name. It is more easy to think about,  MOVE X AC, ADD Y, MOVE AC Z. Than  a sequence of numbers. The next step in hiding details is a Macro instruction.  The above example computes the assignment  Z := X + Y,  where X,Y and Z  are names associated to memory locations. Instead of writing three instructions you can define a Macro with 3 parameters sum(x,y,z) that will expand to the three lines replacing the variables x,y,z by the arguments given at call.      Macros allow to express programs more abstractly, i.e. Hiding details.    Less code you write, less errors you may do.  You can reuse code, using  a macros library    Macros are abbreviations, they differ with subroutines.  Macros are used in many programming languages, the more used is C, there is a macro processor called "cpp" (c pre-processor) you may use it independently of the C language.  Also shell commands abbreviations are called macros by some programmers..    I hope it answers your question, if not be more explicit, please.
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In computers, a macro (for "large"; the opposite of "micro") is any programming or user interface that, when used, expands into something larger.

By running a macro, users are able to trim down time normally consumed by repetitive tasks. Some macros, like the ones in MS Excel, may also contain functions. An Excel macro is typically created by recording a sequence of keyboard and mouse actions using the Macro Recorder. It can also be created using Visual Basic (because even a recorded macro is made up of Visual Basic code). A stored macro can then be accessed from a menu list or from the toolbar and run by simply clicking. You can also assign a hotkey to the macro for even faster access. Since macros can be called automatically as soon as a digital document is loaded, they have been employed by malicious individuals for creating macro viruses. In the 1990s, unsuspecting users were often terrorized by screens that seemingly displayed characters on their own or mouse pointers that clicked on buttons or highlighted text.

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Macro according to computer science is basically and notion, which defines how a particular input model, is replaced by an output model on the basis of a distinct set of policies.

Usually there are three extended classes of macros, and each of them takes diverse sort of input format to create a diverse sort of output pattern. The expression occurred with macro-assemblers, where the basic concept was to put down a lone statement that comes into view like an instruction in the assembly language.

When the program was set-up, the macro-instruction was broadened into a series of real instructions which would later be set-up. In this manner the complexity of the series of real instructions would be not disclosed. Compound macro-assemblers give refined ways too append parameters to macros, so that the macro would stretch in diverse ways based on the values of the parameters.

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