What Planet Is About 13 Light Minutes From The Sun?


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Mars is the planet which is at a distance of approximately 13 light minutes from the Sun, it actually depends on the position of Mars around the Sun as it does not orbit the Sun in a perfectly circular orbit and it's orbit is rather more elliptical. However, it does come closest to this range in terms of the light minutes distance from the Sun. However, Mars has similar seasonal variations as that of Earth due to it's characteristic axial tilt. The planet remains generally frozen and has polar ice caps. However around the equatorial region the temperature on Mars can rise upto 20 degrees Celsius during Summers.
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Venus is the planet which is 13 light minutes away from the sun. The second planet from the sun is also the brightest one. The planet closes to Earth; Venus has approximately the same size, mass and density as that of the Earth. In fact, it is the densest of the inner planets. Venus is the planet which rises in the west and sets in the East. The reason for this stems from the fact that the planet rotates in the opposite direction compared to the Earth. The atmosphere of Venus is mainly made of carbon dioxide. The surface gravity of Venus is 90 percent of that of Earth. The surface temperature of the planet comes to about 460degrees Celsius or 860 degrees F because of the dense atmosphere and layers of thick cloud which trap incoming solar energy effectively.

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