Why Is Light Important To The Earth?


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Without light, there would be no life on earth. This is because we need plant life, not just so that we have a source of food, but also to create oxygen so that we can actually breathe. Without light, plants would be unable to grow.

Photosynthesis is a chemical process that converts carbon dioxide into organic compounds, particularly sugars so the plant has food, using the energy from the sun. This process that takes place in green plants and some other organisms releases oxygen as a by-product, meaning that light is not just important to the earth but is absolutely vital.

It is possible to see how much plants value, and need, light if you have a look at one that has been placed on a window sill. It will learn towards the source of light and you will have to keep rotating the plant to make sure that it grows evenly. This process of leaning is called phototropism, and it occurs because the hormones that control the growth of the plant begin to build up in the stem forcing it towards the light.

Different plants have different requirements when it comes to light, with some preferring to be in direct sunlight and others preferring a shadier place to grow. If you want to grow particular plants, you need to take these things into consideration, and for some plants, such as orchids, it is even necessary to provide the plants with strong artificial lighting that also gives off a great deal of heat to make sure that your plants thrive.

One plant that is sometimes grown in the dark (but only in the final stages otherwise the plant would die) is rhubarb. This forces the stems to grow straight and be pale in colour. They are placed in long low forcing sheds, which are so quiet you can actually hear the rhubarb grow. When it is time for the stems to be harvested, it is actually done by candlelight.
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Light is one of the important necessities of life without which life is not possible on earth. First of all light is necessary for plants for the process of photosynthesis through which plants gain their energy. If plants do not get light they will not be able to be used as a food item by the animals and humans as well. It is also very important for vision since without light we cannot see any object it is a well proven theory that whenever light strikes and object and is then reflected back to our eyes only then the image of the object is created so without light it is not possible to see anything which will always hamper the movements of humans and animals as well.    Light is also used as a source of energy; solar light is stored in solar batteries which could be then used latter on for different purposes.  Sunlight is used by some animals to convert the cholesterol in their body to vitamin D. In addition the sunlight and Vitamin D is also important for human skin. The sunlight gives enough warmth to our earth which would not have been possible from any other source, i.e. There are sources of heat but they are very costly and a lot of effort is consumed which is saved with sunlight.
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Because light is the source of energy on the earth.
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It provides energy for the plants which will eventually come to us.... Ok got that
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Because plants need sunlight to grow and without light animal will not survive on earth if the is no living creature then every thing on earth will extinct.
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Because humans or any living thing can't live on earth without light
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Thats a good explanation because without light we wouldnt be able to see any thing and I don't think people want to give up there vision now nice work and I also know that the light that you see isn't really what you think whenever the sun reflects on someone you can see them because it reflets in your eyes so you can see everything.
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Light is also kind of bad bc it wrecks 2/3 of the worlds population that can now not c the stars where they live and did you people even realize that this world is already coming to an end due to people like you who don't care about the enviroment and don't try to help it the world is ending this quick bc of everybody like you! And also the world doesnt have to end like this I am a strong believer in god and I'm saved and getting baptised in the name of the father the son and the holy spirit and I will go to heaven not hell like some people out there!!! So please change your ways hurry???
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·  it is required for the survival
of life on this planet as without light and heat this planet would be cold and
nobody could survive.

·  used for photosynthesis

·  without light we can’t see
a thing so we cannot carry out our daily life processes etc.

·  we get up in the morning
because of the light sensed by our nervous system and sleep only because of the
sensed decrease in light.

Light is so important nowadays that it is not
only used for basic things but:

·  to also make our
surroundings more beautiful, like a decoration

·  It is used in movie halls
to project out the movie clips etc.

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Light helps plants grow, and plants release oxygen. We humans need oxygen to breathe.

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