What Are The Ten Smallest Countries In The World?


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In terms of land size, the world's smallest country is the Vatican, covering a total area of only 0.2 sq. miles. The Vatican is followed by Monaco (0.7 sq. miles), the Pacific island of Nauru (8.5 sq. miles), Tuvalu (9 sq. miles) and San Marino (24 sq. miles), located in northern Italy and purporting to be Europe's oldest independent state.

Liechtenstein is in sixth place, in terms of the world's smallest countries, with a land size of only 62 sq. miles. The Marshall Islands follows in a close seventh place, with a total territory of 70 sq. miles. The Caribbean Saint Kitts and Nevis boasts an area of 104 miles, while the Seychelles has a land size of 107 sq. miles and the Maldives, located in the Indian Ocean, is 115 sq. miles.

In terms of the countries with the smallest population, the Vatican is still number one, with a total of only 932 residents, according to a 2006 estimate.

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