Did Tulips Really Come From Holland?


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No. Tulips originally came from Central Asia, and from there to Turkey. The tulip, which seems so quintessentially Dutch to many people, is the national flower and symbol of life in the country of Turkey.

In 1560 the Austrian envoy brought them from Constantinople to Vienna, where the imperial court botanist, Charles de l'Ecluse (known as Carolus Clusius, 1526-1609) developed a passion for these flowers. When he became a professor at Leiden in the Netherlands in 1593, he took tulips with him. In the 17th century, beginning in Holland, the whole Europe became seized by "tulip mania." Tulip bulbs became the objects of speculation and were traded at extremely high prices. They were in very high demand. As a result, the tulip became a symbol of Holland.

In conclusion, the tulip flower really did not originate in Holland. They were originally an Asian flower that made its way to Holland through travelers who adored the flowers.

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