Balanced Equation, Complete Ionic Equation, And Net Ionic Equations For Reaction Between Sodium Sulfide And Manganese Acetate?


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Sodium sulfide reacts with manganese acetate to form sodium acetate and manganese sulfide.

Sodium sulfide = Na2S

Manganese acetate= (CH3COO)2Mn

Sodium acetate = CH3COONa

Manganese sulfide = MnS

The ionic equations for the reaction are;

Na2S ------> 2Na+1 + S-2

(CH3COO)2Mn ------ >2(CH3COO)-1 + Mn+2

Na+1 + (CH3COO)-1------ > CH3COONa

Mn+2 + S-2------> MnS

The net ionic equation for the reaction is;

Mn+2 + S-2 + 2Na+1 + 2(CH3COO)-1------ > 2CH3COONa + MnS

The balanced equation for the reaction is;

Na2S + (CH3COO)2Mn ------ > 2CH3COONa + MnS

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