What Are The Different Parts Of Brain Do?


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What is the technical term for the pleasure center of the brain?
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The Central Nervous System of the human body consists of three parts, namely the Brain, the Spinal Cord and the peripheral nervous system. Brain is the fundamental part of the nervous system.

The human brain is divided into 3 parts, which are the forebrain (the front part) the midbrain (the centre part) and the hindbrain (the back part). The forebrain is made up of the cerebrum, the thalamus and the hypothalamus, which are also the endocrine regulatory body's of the human body. Tectum and Tegmentum make up the mid part. The hind brain is made up of the Cerebellum, the pons and the medulla.

The largest part of the brain is the Cerebrum. It is responsible for the complex body functions such as the thinking process. The Cerebrum is usually highly wrinkled, so as to increase the surface area, which in turn increase the amount of neurons present. This part of the brain is made up of nerve cell that are even bulky than a human thumb.The Thalamus regulates of correct nervous signals.

The Hypothalamus controls the process of homeostasis, the pituitary gland from where certain hormones are produces, and the autonomic nervous system. It also deals with functions like hunger, emotions etc. The Cerebellum is considerably smaller than the Cerebrum and has less folding on the surface. It controls the body balance, the co-ordination of movement and the posture.

The pons is an information passer, the nervous signal are passed through the pons for the basic motor control.The Medulla, or the Medulla Oblongata regulated the voluntary actions of the body, like the breathing.The Limbic System deals with the emotions. This part of the brain is located inside of the Cerebrum.
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Hind brain,to feel..fore brain to see,mid brain do both.
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There are 3 types fore,mid and hind brain

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