What Chemical Reaction Does Sodium Chloride And Barium Sulfate Form?


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It is a double displacement reaction. In this reaction sodium chloride and barium sulfate exchange their components. Sodium chloride reacts with barium sulfate to form sodium sulfate and barium chloride. During this reaction two mole of sodium chloride and one mole of barium sulfate are involved in reactants and one mole of sodium sulfate and one mole of barium chloride are produced in products. The net chemical balanced equation for the reaction is;

2NaCL + BaSO4 ------ > Na2SO4 + BaCl2
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Marlon Delchot answered
No reaction will occur.
NaCl will dissolve in water in Na+ and Cl- ions.
Barium sulfate in water will remain undissolved.
So when we mix these two solutions we will have dissolved Sodium chloride with undissolved Barium Sulfate.

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