How Big Are Breeze Blocks?


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Breeze blocks are also known as concrete block, cinder blocks, foundation blocks and clinker blocks. They are a form of a Concrete Masonry Unit (CMU). As the name suggests, these blocks are made out of cement and some forms of aggregate which form concrete. These blocks come in various different shapes and sizes but are most commonly square form with a size of 300*200*150mm. Breeze blocks are used all over the world and are proved to be very instrumental in the building procedure.

Breeze blocks have the capacity to hold the building perfectly and adds strength, power and durability to the building. Durability is the main reason why people prefer using concrete blocks while building as they do not break or cause damage easily like other substances. It is better to hire a building contractor to install concrete blocks rather than doing yourself as the contractor will do a much better job.

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