How Big Are The Alps?


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Mont Blanc is the highest mountain located in the Alps, standing tall at 4,808 metres/15,774 feet. It is located on the French-Italian border. The Alps is a large mountain range, covering a wide area and dominating Central Europe. The Eastern Alps and the Western Alps is how the Alps are usually divided. The "main chain of the Alps" is traced along the watershed right from the Mediterranean Sea up to the Wienerwald. It passes through a number of the highest and the most famous peaks of the Alps.

While the Alps are home to a large number of glaciers, there are not that many large lakes located there. The Aletsch Glacier is the largest glacier and is found in the Bernese Alps. The Alps are a popular holiday destination for tourist world wide. The peak season periods are generally around July/August and February/March. There are different vacation rentals including chalets and apartments. Summer is generally associated with walking and hiking and the National Parks. During the winter season the Alps are famous as a winter getaway, offering skiing and snowboarding opportunities.
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