How Many Cubic Feet Does A 50 Lb Bag Of Sand Cover?


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If the sand is loosely packed, you will need around 90lbs to cover one cubic foot, so 50 lbs will not cover even one cubic foot. It is amazing just how much sand you need to cover what seems to be a small space. For example, one cubic yard sounds like absolutely nothing at all, yet it is actually 27 cubic feet. This is because there are three feet in a yard, but because it is cubic, you measure the length by the breadth by the depth, which is 3 x 3 x 3 = 27.

If you wanted enough sand for a cubic yard, you would actually need 49 bags. This is a massive 2,430 lbs!

Natural sand is tiny particles of rocks, shells and other minerals that have been broken down for years by erosion. Its texture and coarseness very much depends upon the area from where this occurred, for example, white sand that is the epitome of the perfect beach is made up of ground limestone or gypsum.

There are many different uses for sand, and as such, there are many different varieties available so it is important to get the right sand for your purpose. For example, if you are considering building a sand pit for a child, you will need to buy the commercially produced play sand that you can get from a variety of sources such as toy stores and garden centres. This is created by breaking down quarried or mined quartz and quartzite rock in industrial rock crushers.

This fine, soft sand is ideal for small children to play with, but it must be noted that there have been some health scares related to it. It is claimed that the sand contains silica, which can be dangerous.
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If you're talking about the dry sand you buy at a hardware or lumber store in the U.S., one cubic yard = approx. 2700 lbs.  1 yd^3 = 27 ft^3 therefore 1 ft^3 = 100 lbs so 50 lbs would equal roughly .5 cubic ft.
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One half cubic feet
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Depends what type of sand, how compacted it is, etc. Can't tell you rally, because you ant really know. Unless you have the bag :P
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If you flatten it out, none. In other words it all depends upon how much space you can get it to hold. One way to think of it is to imagine the biggest log it could cover. Measure the diameter of the log, square that measurement and multiply it by the log's length. Convert to cubic feet, which , which is 12 x 12 x 12 cubic inches, and you've got it.
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If I am pouring a 4 x 5 ft shower pan (mud pack) at 2.5 inches thick, how many bags of 50 pound sand bags will I need.?? Thanks

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