Can You Give Some Examples Of Machines Based Upon Electromagnetism?


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A simple example of an electromagnet in action is the common doorbell. When you push the button, electricity flows through an electromagnet, attracting a hinged piece of metal to it. In its movement toward the electromagnet, the metal strikes a chime. When you release the button, the electromagnet releases the metal, and as it springs back to its original position, it strikes another chime, resulting in the familiar "ding-dong." In this, and sometimes in more complex ways, magnets and electromagnets are at the heart of most electrical appliances.

Electric motors are based on the electromagnet. To state it simply, electromagnets arranged in a circle are turned on and off at precisely timed intervals, and the attractive/repulsive properties of the magnets set an armature spinning within the circle. Thus electric motors of varying strengths do many chores for us, from turning the hands on our clocks to speeding heavy commuter trains to their destinations.

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