Can You Give Some Examples Of Explanatory Research?


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There are many different types of explanatory research. The research is carried out to analyze the interests and desires of people by businesses when launching products and services. Some examples of explanatory research are:

• Questionnaires

Questionnaires are one of the most common forms of explanatory research, as they can decipher information that is required by a company on a number of levels. If a company is launching a new product, it is vital that there is a demand for it, and by creating a questionnaire the questions can be worded in such a way as to find out the interests of the public who complete the questionnaire, to see if the product or service is a viable option at a particular time.

• Interviews
Interviews with the general public are a good way of gauging the need for particular products and services. These interviews often take the form of questionnaires and are filled in by the people conducting the interview, rather than the interviewee themselves.

• Random sampling

Random sampling is an extremely popular form of explanatory research, as a diverse range of people can be identified and tested for new products and services. Random sampling can be achieved by simply inviting anyone from all races, backgrounds and genders to take part, giving a larger overview of the general consensus of the population.

• Discussions

Discussions about products and services are useful if they take place before the product is launched. This is a good way of seeing if a product or service is likely to be successful, or indeed if it is even needed. These discussions often take place amongst target groups of people who have experience of the related products and services.

Exploratory research typically consists of research relating to a problem which has not been specifically defined. As a rule, it is used to assist in the determination of a more specific problem, the best possible research set-up for this problem, methods of data collection and the selection of potential subjects.

This kind of research is very flexible and is able to address all types of research questions, such as what, who, why or how. It is frequently used to research new topics or issues, where it may be difficult to collect specific data. Exploratory research may draw on sources such as observations, individual or group interviews, case histories or secondary sources of data and is used during the preliminary stages of decision making.

  • Examples
As a rule, marketing research consists of three types of research or objectives.

These objectives are:
  1. Exploratory, or preliminary, research
  2. Descriptive research
  3. Causal research
For instance, exploratory research may be used to identify the so-called key decision makers for the purchase of a new product. The descriptive research is then used to determine the attitudes or demographics of these decision makers. Finally, causal research will determine the best approach of advertising in order to achieve the desired result, namely a purchase by the consumer.

Another example would be a developers plan to erect a leisure center. Exploratory research could be used to determine whether the local population would actually be interested in having this facility. Descriptive research could then be used to determine what type of activities the population would want to participate in at this facility, and how often they would use it. Causal research then assists in determining potential profits or losses to be expected if the leisure center is built with the previously collected data in mind.
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Explanatory research is research conducted in order to explain any behaviour in the market. It could be done through using questionnaires, group discussions, interviews, random sampling, etc.

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