Why Is That The Philippines Is So Called The "Gateway Of Asia"?


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The phrase that the Philippines is the 'gateway to Asia' comes from the relationship between the United States and the Philippines. The first ever overseas American Chamber of Commerce was opened in the city of Manila in the Philippines in 1920, and the term 'gateway to Asia' refers to the American traders' way into investing in Asia.

  • The special relationship that the United States and the Philippines have means that it attracts a lot of American tourists, so if you're planning on visiting this country, there are some facts that you may want to know and remember.
  • You should keep in mind that the best time to visit this country is during the months between December and May because this time of year does not coincide with the typhoon season. This way you will be able to enjoy what the country has to offer without worrying about the heavy storms ruining your plans.
  • If you do however plan to travel in the summer months, you should consider taking some jackets or other forms of warm clothing because it will get a lot colder in the mountainous areas.
  • If you're worried about not being able to speak the same language then don't panic because the Philippines is the third most predominantly English-speaking country in the world. Moreover, when you get into the situation where you need to tip someone for their service you should always tip around 10% because it is expected in this country.

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