How Are Metabolic Pathways Regulated?


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Metabolic pathways (kreb's cycle, electron transport chain and glycolosis) can be regulated by the help of energy that is moving between the pathways during the metabolic activities. Metabolic pathways are all about the processes occurring with in the cell for energy production. They have an active molecule called ATP (adenosine tri phosphate). It has to move from one form to another during these activities. Metabolic pathways are very regular and they are working at a proper speed all the time. They are self regulated pathways.

Metabolic pathways are to be regulated by themselves. It is the energy production which is accountable for keeping the balance. Another thing which has an impact on the process of regulation of metabolic pathways is the starting reactant and catalyst. All the time, they have easily available catalysts and starting reactants. They act like a pusher to give impetus to the whole pathway. Once it gets started then it is not a big thing to go on. It will keep in motion by itself. No doubt, it is also a pathway and can be disturbed by various actions but it recovers it self very actively.

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