How Can I Change From Feet To Cm?


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6.5"ft to cm
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It is quite easy to change feet into centimetres. In order to do that you need to follow the following formula. You need to multiply feet by 30.48. After multiplying, you shall get the figure in centimetres. The best of multiplying would be with the help of a calculator. For example 5 feet is equal to 152.4 centimetres.

Similarly, if you need to convert from centimetres to feet you need to divide the centimetres by 30.48 for example 250 centimetres would equal to 8.2 feet.

In case you have to do the conversion in big numbers, you need to refer this site for more details. or

On these web sites you will be able to convert many such units in to different units such as area, distance, force, weight, frequency etc.

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