Where Are Volcanoes Located In The World?


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Mount Fuji is a stratovolcano and one of the best known volcanoes in the world. Its summit is 3 500 metres above sea level and it is the main feature in flat lands. Fuji has erupted at least 16 times since 781 AD. Most of these eruptions were moderate. The most recent eruption was in 1707-1708 from a vent on the southeast side of the cone.

Mount Rainier in Washington, USA is the highest volcano of the Cascade Range. This is also a stratovolcano and its main cone formed 730 000 years ago.

Devil's tower in Wyoming, USA is a steep tower that is made from magma that cooled a very long time ago. It is 1253 feet (382 m) tall and was probably the neck of a volcano. It has been eroded by the weather over the years into its current form. The rock that makes up the Devil's tower is 40 million years old

Mount St Helens in Washington, USA had not erupted for 123 years when it exploded in 1980. The eruption was predicted but 57 people were killed by the unexpected huge mud flows.
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Over 80 Percent of Volcanoes are found in the Pacific Ocean, but They are found all over the world. Underwater, Above Water, they are found in every continent except for Australia.( I know someone that jokes that Australian Mountains are hills)
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Usually located near fault boundaries.  Convergent subduction zones that is where most of our land volcanoes are located (and the most dangerous).

Divergent plate boundary is where fissure, sea-mount, and shield volcanoes occur.  There are some cases where there are hot-spots on Earth where volcanoes are randomly located, eg. Hawaii.  We believe it is a sort of heat flux from the Earth's core.
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Krakatoa indonesia
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An Examples of a volcano with structure and Destructiveness of that type of volcano.

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