What Is A Tornado Vortex?


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A vortex, when we are taking about tornadoes is the centre of the tornado. This is where the rapid movement of the air in the tornado is its strongest as there is the most force in this area. As the air has less of a distance to travel to make a full rotation, the speed of the vortex is a lot stronger than the outer areas of the tornado.

You can look at a vortex and how it moves by making your own tornado and you will be able to see how it works. This is how you do it:

First of all, you need to take two bottles and take the labels, lids and any other plastic that may be around the neck off the bottle off.

You then need to fill one of the bottles between half way and two thirds of the way full with water. Put sand in the water to see more clearly how it moves.

You then turn the empty bottle upside down so that the bottles are neck to neck and attach them with tornado tube. These tornado tubes are easy to use and help to prevent leaks but you can also use tape instead and this is just as good. Using tape, you have to make sure that this does not let the water out so you may need to use quite a lot.

Once they are attached you can turn the bottles upside down, a bit like an egg timer, and your tornado will begin.

The reason for getting the tornado to work in the bottles is the displacement of air when the water flows through the small area in the neck of the bottles. This rush of water and the displacement of the air produce the tornado.
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The vortex of a tornado is the funnel like shape of the cloud of winds that if it goes above a certain velocity and reaches the ground then becomes a tornado. Generally the speed of tornado winds is 112 miles per hour though winds in excess of 200 mph are not unknown.

A tornado is typically formed when warm winds in a moist environment rise upwards; these updrafts as they are called sometimes form a cloud of swirling winds due to the change in pressure.

The center of the tornado is a low pressure area that acts like a vacuum pulling in the surrounding air within itself where it is cooled and condensation takes place; this starts a process of convection currents which gives further velocity to the tornado. In some cases the vortex or the funnel cloud that forms in the air does not reach the ground especially if there is a blanket of cold air in the higher strata of the atmosphere that retards the formation process.

A tornado is one of the most destructive forces of nature and often taking shelter in a strongly built structure is the only way to save oneself in case one is unlucky enough to be in the path of one.
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A tornado is a vortex of air rising into a cloud. This distinguishes them from other kinds of thunderstorm winds that blow down from the storm, and which can often do serious damageIn some cases, the column of rising air becomes a vortex – a funnel cloud or tornado. In a few cases, the vortex becomes a strong tornado with wind whirling around at speeds close to 300 mph. The center of the tornado's vortex is a low-pressure area. As air rushes into the vortex, its pressure lowers, which cools the air. Cooling condenses water vapor in the air into the tornado's familiar funnel-shaped cloud. As the swirling winds pick up dust, dirt, and debris from the ground, the funnel turns even darker. Twisters that pick up little dirt can retain their white, cloud coloration. Some tornadoes have taken on a red hue by picking up red dirt.
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A vortex is basically a mass that moves in a circular motion and this creates a vacuum in the center. The formation of this vacuum means that it every thing that comes into contact with the air moving in circles will be drawn towards the center of the tornado. The motion of air around a center is called a vortex with the highest speed and the lowest pressure in the center. The vortex posses a large amount of energy and the tornado ends when all of this energy has been dissipated. One tornado can have multiple vortices but these will quickly merge to form one vortex.
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A tornado vortex is a swirling wind that is in side the tornado if you go in the Center of a tornado is peaceful and quiet
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It is a very strong tornado, with heavy winds swirling around crazily, and it can reach to speed of 100mph and more

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