What Is The Difference Between A Tornado And A Hurricane?


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Storms are given many different names, depending on their nature and where they take place. But all storms are alike in that a storm is simply air that is moving rapidly from one place to another.

If it is air alone, it is called a "windstorm". If it has picked up dust,along the way, it is called a dust storm . Most storms, however, include water-in some form water may come with the storm as rain.

The most violent and dangerous storms of all are hurricanes and tornadoes.

Hurricanes are storms that start in the Tropics. They strike the United States for example, mainly in the Gulf of Mexico area and also all along the eastern coast. Now a strange thing is that exactly the same kind of storm, when it takes place in the East Indies and the China Sea, is called a "typhoon". A general name for both is "tropical storms".

In a hurricane, the storm area is usually from 100 to 400 miles in diameter, and winds around the hurricane may reach speeds of 75 to 1 25 miles per hour. A special feature of the hurricane is the calm, central part of the storm, which is called the "eye" of the storm. This eye is about 5 to 15 miles in diameter. As it moves over an area, the winds become almost calm. This sometimes leads people to believe that the storm is over. However, after the eye passes, the winds begin to flow with equal violence from the opposite direction, since a hurricane is a circular storm. The winds move in a kind of circle as the storm itself moves.

Another type of circular storm is the tornado, but it is different from a hurricane because it is usually only up to about 1,500 metres in diameter. Tornadoes are formed most often in the central Mississippi Valley of the United States. A tornado begins as a black, funnel-shaped cloud in a larger thunderstorm area. The path of a tornado may only be a few kilometres long and a few hundred metres wide,but it can destroy everything in its path.
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Tornadoes are violent columns of rotating air that are in contact with the surface of the earth and a cloud base. They are generally seventy five meters to a kilometre and a half in width. They rotate at speeds of a hundred and ten to three hundred miles per hour. They are found in different regions of the world and can be formed over both land and water. They are very common in the United States, Australia, New Zealand and parts of South America. Hurricanes are known as Tropical Cyclones. They are huge and can be as wide as a hundred and fifty kilometres. They exist only over Oceans and seas, warm water as such and are not seen over land. The reason for this is that their energy is driven by moist warm air. They are found normally between eight and fifteen degrees south and north of the equator.
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There is no comparision between Hurricanes and Tornadoes of whether Hurricanes cause more damage.

Depending on the Fujitsu Scale, the severity of a Hurricane/Tornado is decided, neither of which are "naturally" stronger.

Hurricanes are (as observed) to form over large masses of water: Eg: Oceans, and Seas, where as Tornado's are a large powerful cyclone of air (or a column).

When forming, hurricanes usually form as a tropical thunder storm: A very serious observation was Hurricane Katrina, which formed over North-west Africa as a tropical thunderstorm. As is drifted towards USA it gained energy due to the mass of warm water. By the time it reached New Orleans, it was a full fledged F5 Hurricane.

Tornadoes on the other hand cannot be "predicted" in the typical sense (like weather forcasting), they occur at a random moment, however the range of their occurance is well understood. They form as horizontal movements of air, in which hot air escapes and cool air rushes in filling the 'gap'. This cycle continous to occur and grows in energy, the rotation speed increases and soon large updrafts are created which place this horizontal structure vertical.

During the rise of the tornado, depending on circumstances, it can break into multiple toradoes, know commonly as "sister tornadoes". Each are equally powerfull and if unlucky, devastating.
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Tornadoes forn over land with less damage then hurricans which can cause floods and horror
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