How Do Science And Technology Affects Our Daily Life?


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Science and technology affects us in almost every way possible every single day. We eat food that has been scientifically bred for optimum yield, stored under conditions proven to prolong the shelf life and brought to stores using technological vehicles powered by scientifically produced fuels.

• Types of technology
In the home, the TV, the DVD (Blu-ray or otherwise) are all combinations of technology and science. The production of heat and light are technological innovations. It would be hard for us to adapt easily to a world where we had only firelight to see by at night, and only an open fire to cook our food. Electricity and gas were again discovered by scientists and spread by developments in technology.

The construction of our homes reflects both technology and science. Most of the materials that now make up our homes are technologically derived from sources exploited by technology. Mining machines, for instance, such as diggers and conveyor belts are scientifically tested for efficiency and purpose.

The design of houses is now usually done using tried and tested methods involving computer aided design and manufacture of components.

Medicines are now almost universally created by scientists, using scientific methods to create and harvest the medicines and mass producing them by technological means. 

The sidewalk you use every day has been manufactured using technology.  Even concrete slabs need to be made somewhere, and very few municipal slabs are made by hand.

The clothes you wear will contain a high proportion of manmade fibers, again discovered by scientists and mass produced by technology.
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The importance of science and technology in our lives is without this our life may be inconvenient and uneasy because without this we don't know how to use he different gadgets that can make our lives comfortable.
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Science is like a life
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Technology is an integral and important part of my life. Like most I use technology such as computers and the Internet to complete schoolwork, projects, and to conduct research. Technology helps to speed up the learning process for students like myself because it creates a more efficient learning environment in many ways. For example I can write this blog post much faster than I could if I were to hand-write it. And of course without the Internet I wouldn’t be able to view my peers posts until I attended class on Wednesday. But technology is also an important part of my life for reasons other than just education. Technology is also important to me for enjoyment purposes. As a musician I use technology to create and record music. I enjoy experimenting with electronic keyboards and synthesizers to create new and interesting sounds and I use my computer to record and edit these tracks. Technology is also important to me for communication purposes. Moving six hours away from home as an eighteen-year-old is certainly a daunting experience, but with cell phones and built in video cameras on computers my family and friends are just a click away. For all these reasons technology is invaluable to me and without it my life would unquestionably be very different. I play to earn some extra money for my family.

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The importance of science and technology is it helps us do different tasks easily and faster
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alam nyo ang masa2bi ko lng sa inyo wla nman meganon isang lro ng panahon meganon

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