Where can I find a picture of planet Biyo?


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13241 Biyo is a minor planet, formerly known as 1998 KM41, and is found in the Asteroid Belt... and so is not a full-fledged 'planet' like Earth. It is named after Filipino scientist Dr Josette T Biyo.

There appear to be no photographs available of this particular asteroid (Remember there are millions of objects in the asteroid belt). 

However this is a picture of what the asteroid belt 13241 Biyo inhabits looks like:

If you're looking for photos of asteroids from the asteroid belt, then Ceres is probablyyour best bet.

Ceres, is the only "dwarf planet" in the belt, and accounts for a third of the mass of all matter found in the asteroid belt. Photos and artist's recreations are all over the internet:

13241 Biyo is likely to be much smaller than Ceres, perhaps less than 10km in diameter, making it difficult to photograph from Earth, even if it were of any astronomical importance. 

Of course, Dr Josette T Biyo will be able to tell you that it is still a great honor to have a celestial body of any sort named after you!

A lot of people have misconceptions about the asteroid belt, and this YouTube film helps to show you what it's really like out there:

13241 Biyo was discovered in May 1998 by the Lincoln Laboratory Near-Earth Asteroid Research Team working at the Very Large Array observatory at Socorro, New Mexico, USA. 

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Hey, that's pretty interesting, especially now that there are opportunities to see clearer photos of space. I recently saw photographs of the sky from the Webb telescope, but only in excellent quality. I found them in the article, they can be downloaded there. I read that the quality of these images has been improved several times with the help of AI, and it looks really mind-blowing. In general, be sure to check this article because I have not seen such good and high-quality photos of a real starry sky. It's cool that here you can download these photos and see everything in details.

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