What Is Source Data Automation?


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The process of collecting data at their point of origin in digital form. It eliminates much of this duplicated effort, delay extra handling, and potential for error by initially collecting data in digital form. The people who collect ready to process transaction data are those who know must about the events that the data represent. Thus, such people can instantly check for a accuracy during the data entry process. Its many benefits have made source data automation a compelling choice for many types of commercial data entry today. Source data automation has transformed a number of information handling tasks. For example, workers who take orders over the phone today usually enter needed input directly at display workstation, so they don't have to record the same data twice. Source data automation also speeds up checkout lines and inventory taking at supermarkets, quality control operations in factories and check processing by banks.

Basically source data automation system is collecting data in a digital form. Applications often require translation of handwritten data into digital form that allows electronic processing. This procedure sometimes consumers thousands of hours of wasteful, duplicated effort, and it can resulting many mistakes and delays. So source data automation is the best solution of that.
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Please give me simple introduction to source data automation
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