How Does Climate Affect Vegetation?


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The temperature of Earth has been a result of it's own evolution and other celestial influences. Vegetation being one the most primitive life-forms was a product of a conducive environment -- a combination of moderate temperature, humidity/ water, sunlight and soil.

There are many factors, which determine climatic conditions and in turn influence vegetation. Location with regards to proximity to the equatorial region, sea levels or high altitudes, make a great impact on the kind of vegetation found. Extreme conditions are unviable for sustaining vegetative forms of life. Icy cold temperatures can freeze such life forms while extreme heat can burn them, e.g. Palms cannot survive in arctic weather but they are well nourished in the warm humid weather and tropical sandy soil.
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I think climate affect vegetation by the type of food grown in the a period of time and the temperature that it is grown in .How ever if rain does not fall our vegetation can be destroy if the vegetation destroy our watersheds destroy then we don't have any water which can cause DROUGHT.
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On averege of 10, how many plants die because of direct effects of climate change. And which types of plan are affected more than which?
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Climate change is impacted due to the insatiable consumption habit man.
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I think when the rainfall can not fall down on the earth it's destroy our plants

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