In Weather Terms, What Does P.O.P. Stand For?


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You will find that P.O.P. Means probability of precipitation when used in the context of weather.

The full definition of P.O.P. According to is as follows:

• "P.O.P. Stands for "Probability of Precipitation." It does not predict when, where or how much precipitation will occur. When a weather service issues a forecast calling for rain, it is usually followed by a probability."

Therefore weather forecasters will use P.O.P. When they predict there will be rain in the area but they do not have the full details to be more specific with the location and time it will rain.

You will find there is usually a percentage used next to P.O.P. Such as 50% and this would mean that the weather forecaster believes there is a 50% chance there will be rain in a certain area that day.

If you want to find out more weather-related terms then it would be a good idea to head to the following website:
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Weather forecasters play a vital role in many peoples lives as their plans can be very dependent on what the weather is suppose to be like in the near future. But sometimes they don't always get it correct as UK weatherman Michael Fish knows all too well. He told the UK that there was no way there would be a hurricane - and of course the next day there was!
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The chance of will it happen or will it not.if the P.O.P is 49 or below that means its unlikely,if it is 51 or above that means the weather results are likely to happen.If it is 60 or above then its certain that the planned weather will happen
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Percentage of precipitation

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