What Are The Different Weather Disturbances?


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-Tropical Cyclone
-Low Pressure Area
-Extra-tropical disturbance
-Sub-tropical disturbance
-Zone of disturbed weather
-Tropical wave
-Tropical disturbance
-Tropical depression
-Moderate tropical storm
-Severe tropical storm
-Tropical cyclone
-Intense tropical cyclone
-Very intense tropical cyclone
And others
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Weather disturbances normally mean the weather or condition of the atmosphere being affected. There are several different weather disturbances such as   Low pressure area, extra-tropical disturbance, sub-tropical disturbance and etc.
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There are 12 major weather disturbances. These include low pressure areas, several forms of tropical and sub-tropical disturbances such as cyclones. You can find a full list, with information on the characteristics of different disturbances, at the severe world weather website.

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