What Are Some Important Characteristics Of Effective Written Communication? How Do These Qualities Help In Communicating Information To A Receiver? Explain Your Answer.


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Some important characteristics of effective written communication are as follows:

Determine who your audience is and how much they already know. Are they high tech, low tech or lay? Consider this and write with that in mind.
Write realizing there are diverse and various cultures cultures. Also Global writing is a large challenge in today's business world, so writing with that in mind is also important. I know there are programs that translate English to other languages.
When using acronyms, write the full phrase first with the acronym in parentheses unless everyone you are writing to knows the jargon.
Write for the audience and not for yourself
Avoid biased and sexist language.
Write with with a personalized tone when possible, so you grasp the audience's attention. The goal is to get them involved.
Avoid red and green fonts when writing to insure those who are color blind are able to read the information.

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