What Qualities Make Written Communication Effective?


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Following are the simplest tips which can make your written communication effective. First of all you should avoid using slang words. Always avoid using abbreviations because they create confusions. Thirdly, avoid symbols and use complete words. You can use symbols for emphasis like dashes can be used for emphasis. People are very concern about the spellings of their names and their organizations therefore, always spell them correctly. Try to keep sentences short and to-the-point. Always use quotation marks for the direct speech. Avoid numbers and use words for writing quantities. Always give references in the case of a formal documentation. Moreover, presentation of the communication like format, font, page type should also be appropriate.
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I am not going to write your answer for you. However, here are a few ideas:

Qualities of Effective Written Communication

Use of correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation
Regularity or Consistency
Be concise and constructive
Show respect for the audience
Ideas organized logically
Use smooth transitions
Write inclusively and unbiased
Appropriate tone and word choices
The ability to overcome obstacles and barriers between the reader and the writer

Jessica W
First and foremost avoid use of slang words, try not to use abbreviations. Stay away from the use of symbols such as ampersands & etc. Cliches should be avoided or at the very least, used with caution.

Brackets are used to play down words or phrases

Dashes used to emphasise. Great care should be used to spell the names of people and companies correctly.

Numbers should be expressed as words when the number is less than 10 or is used to start a sentence.

Quotation marks should be placed around any directly quoted speech or text and around titles of publications.

Please use the spell check in the computer to check up spelling etc

If one takes care of all the points enumerated above, communication would be effective.

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