What Are The Different Shapes Of Animal Cells?


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Animals cells tend to come in a variety of different shapes and sizes dependent on what role they play in the body.

To discover some interesting facts about the shape of animal cells, why not check out the examples below:

The shape of animals cells There are a number of features that a distinguish an animal cell. One of the more prominent features is the lack of a cell wall (unlike rigid plant cells).

This means that animals cells are usually quite flexible, and are able to adapt their shape to the role their are assigned to play in an animal's body.

Here are a couple of interesting examples:

  • Neurons: These are cells located in the brain. They are long and thin because they need to travel around the brain carrying electrical signals. They also branch out, enabling them to connect with fellow neurons.
  • Immune cells- This type of cell (including white blood cells) are generally very versatile and flexible. This is because they need to be able to squeeze into tight spaces and travel around easily so that they can perform their job: Fighting off viruses, bacteria, and other infections.
For more information about animal cell shapes, I'd suggest having a look at the website sciencelearn.org.nz.
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Animal cells are generally spherical, they are circular in the plane, and there is no angular in animal cell.

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