Can Anyone Please Explain Friction, What Are Its Negative And Positive Effects? How Can We Overcome Its Negative Effects?


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When you are pushing a block of wood across a horizontal table, the block decelerates under an opposing force provided by the table on the block; this opposing force is called frictional force.
Whenever one object slides over another it exerts an opposing force on the other. Friction plays a very important role in our daily lives. Below are some positive and negative effects of friction;

Negative effects:
•Reduces the engine power of cars by 20% approximately
•Is a cause of wear and tear in moving parts of motors and machines

Positive effects:
•Needed for walking, holding a pen etc
•Used in braking pads of cars, to slow it down

Now to minimize the negative effects of friction, the following methods can be applied
•Use highly polished surfaces especially in case of moving parts e.g. parts of machines
•A layer of lubricant can also be applied between to surfaces. It prevents the surface irregularities from holding onto one another. Oil can be applied in case of moving parts of machines.
•In some cases steel ball bearing are inserted between two surfaces. This enables the surface to over roll over each other than to slide over each other

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