Who are the 20 chemist and their contribution in chemistry?


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There are more than 20 famous and notable chemists out there that have contributed massively to chemistry and other areas of science. If you want to learn about these different famous chemists then a Google search will provide you with many links that talk about some of the most famous chemists in history, dating back hundreds of years and of course considering the more recent chemists who have made impressive discoveries as well.

As well as this, you can make use of the huge amount of articles and vast amount of information that you can obtain from Wikipedia. Wikipedia is an online Wikipedia that can tell you about pretty much anything. It has a list of famous and notable chemists, and each chemist has an article about them. The articles talk biographically and explain the qualifications and achievements that the chemists have made in their lives.

One such famous chemist is Emil Abderhalden. This Swiss chemist was born in Oberuzwil, and studied medicine in the University of Basel. He received his doctorate in 1902 making him both a groundbreaking chemist and a historical figure. He was known for having studied in the laboratory of Emil Fischer, and he also worked at the University of Berlin after extensive educational periods. During 1911 Emil moved to the University of Halle, and here he taught physiology within the university's medical school. Between 1931 and 1950, he was also the president of the German Academy of Natural Scientists Leopoldina.

He was known for his later ground breaking work during and after the Second World War, where he moved sick and malnourished children to his hospital so that they could be helped and that he could continue his research on this area of medicinal chemistry and physiology, as well as study the effects of food.
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There arent just 20.every most of  the people have contributed in chemistry

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