Who Are The Filipino Chemist And Their Contributions To Chemistry?


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Some of the Filipino chemists and the contributions they made to chemistry are as follows:

  • Amando Kapauan
At the Eteneo de Manila University, Kapauan researched into inorganic and physical chemistry - particularly on radioactive bromine. He also initiated investigations on heavy metals on the environment and was among the first to research the problem with mercury. Kapauan was also one of the founders of the Philippine Institute of Pure and Applied Chemistry.

  •   Baldemero Olivera
Olivera was famous for his discovery of many cone snail toxins for neuroscience. These molecules, called conotoxins, led to a breakthrough in the subject area of ion channels and neuro-muscular synapses. He also discovered and characterized the e.coli DNA ligase; which is a key enzyme of genetic engineering and DNA technology. He also served as a board member on various scientific publications.

  • Maria Orosa

Maria Orosa was a food technologist, pharmaceutical chemist, humanitarian and war heroine. She experimented with foods native to the Philippines; being responsible for a powdered preparation of soya beans called soyolac. This helped save the lives of thousands of Filipinos, Americans and other nationals who were held prisoner in Japanese concentration camps during World War II.

  • Anacleto del Rosario
Del Rosario was responsible for inventing the formula that produces a pure alcohol from tuba, found in the nipa palm. He also extracted castor oil from the palma christi; a native plant in the Philippines.

  • John Paul Vergara

Vergara is a professor at Ateneo de Manila University within the department of information systems and computer science.

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