Who Are Top 5 Foreign Chemist?


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Well this depends what is classed as foreign; as in where you are based. It also depends on what you mean by top, for example is it the top five chemists based on number of employees, revenue or number of stores. Based on you being based either in the United Kingdom or the United States of America the following would be the top five chemist companies based on revenue:

1. Roche, which is a Switzerland based company

2. Novartis, which is also a Switzerland based company

3. Sanofi- Aventis, which is a French company

4. Bayer Health Care, which is a German company

5. Boehringer Ingelheim, which is also a German company

If however you are based outside of the United Kingdom or United States of America, then the answers to the top foreign chemists will be different to the above list which is based on being a UK or USA resident. The list if you are a resident elsewhere is as follows:

1. Johnson and Johnson, which is an American company

2. Pfizer, which is again an American company

3. Glaxo Smith Kline, which is a United Kingdom based company

4. Astra Zeneca, which is also a United Kingdom based company

5. Abbott Laboratories, which is an American company

6. Merck, which is also an American company

These lists are changing all of the time and the order of these companies may well change. Usually the same companies will appear in the top 5 list but occasionally the order will change.

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