What Components Are There In Miracle-Gro?


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Miracle-Gro is a famous brand of plant food, manufactured and marketed by a company called Scott Miracle-Gro. The plant food is of a good amount of use in garden and plants growing in your courtyard. When we speak about components, the major ingredient in Miracle-Gro is Nitrogen from nitrates and ammonium. If you look at the tin of Miracle-Gro, you will see the components in the ratio of 15:30:15, which implies that Nitrogen is available in 15 per cent, while Phosphate and Potash occur in 30 per cent and 15 per cent respectively. Other components involved are Boron, Copper, Manages, Iron, Molybdenum and Zinc in minimal proportions.

There are many products that Miracle-Gro manufactures. One of the products is known as the Applicator, used for feeding and watering plants in your garden. This is a ready to use refill system feeder for the plants in your garden.

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