What Is The Contribution Of Jose O. Juliano?


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Jose O. Juliano contributed to chemistry and physics based on nuclear studies. His most noteworthy works were research publications. There are a total of 50 publications based on his studies.

One of those studies is the rapid and non-destructive analysis of sulphur and calcium by radio-activation and photo-neutron counting. He also published a paper on the disintegration of Iron 52 and Iron 53. These contributions have helped attain an understanding and advancement in nuclear science.

Jose O. Juliano has a BSA in agricultural chemistry and mathematics, masters in electro chemistry and chemical engineering, and a PhD in nuclear chemistry and physics all from the 50s. He was born in 1932 and was elected to the Academian in 1983.

During his lifetime, Juliano was awarded the TOYM Award for Nuclear Science. He is a member of the American Society, American Physical Society and American Chemical Society. Dr. Jose O. Juliano is one of the most famous Filipino scientists. In fact, he is in the top ten of the most notable Filipino scientists.

Nuclear science is the study of antimatter, beta rays, cosmic connections, radioactivity, and elements such as Iron 52. Scientists studying this area often deal with nuclear radiation studies including how to block alpha, gamma, and beta rays. Nuclear science can also be the study of atoms, nucleus, and electrons as part of what makes up an element if you really want the basics. Juliano has gone well beyond the basics, to help further nuclear science for the future.

Nuclear science will look at decay of elements too. For example Juliano contributed a study based on the decay of two Iron elements 52 and 53. This means he looked at how much time it takes to decay and what happens when it does. It is all part of understanding the earth better.
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He is known for his researches in nuclear chemistry and physics . Noteworthy of his publisher research with total 50 .

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