What Can You Say About The Livestock Farming In Pakistan?


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Pakistan is an agricultural country which is having a great amount of money coming from cash crop and live stock farming. Livestock farming is related with the caring and the growing up of the animals and kettles. Like the agriculture and the growing of crops, this also has some wide limits like that of from subsistence and small scale to the farming done on the large scale in order to bring profits and money to the farmer.

In subsistence, the animals and birds are kept for the private consumption of the family itself by giving materials like wool, milk, eggs and meat when slaughtered. The people do this small scale farming in some areas which are away from the urban side and where they may not be any penalties or problems by the Federation or the Government of Pakistan.

The farmers doing this livestock farming on a large scale in order to bring money and profits to them have their own farms and animals a high rate. The site for this is mostly located within the last limits of city for the farmers can go to city and sell the raw materials given by the animals and animals themselves for the consumption of families.
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Want to establish live stock farm

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