What Are Some Of The Drawbacks Of Technology?


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There are very few people in the world who come up with innovations and inventions to facilitate the lives of the rest. Specially in the world of technology, the ongoing developments have sunk the majority of the world's population in such cushy comforts that one could not imagine living without any of those blissful bounties that the wonders of technology has brought to them. Where these marvels have facilitated our lives and have saved our time, there are a series of drawbacks attached to the otherwise wonderful gamut of technology, some of which are inclusive of lack of creativity drive, infrequency of thought processes, laziness and lethargy and last but not the least increased dependence.

The first two problems that are lack of creativity drive and infrequency of thought processes have to do with the mind, the most useful and important organ of the body, which is highly underutilized because of the presence of technology. Next is the curse of laziness and lethargy, which is because of the augmented comfort brought by technology which has spoiled our habits. The fourth drawback is interlinked with the third one as technology has made us dependent and the absence of it characterizes our inability to function on our own that is quite a helpless state for anyone.
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To me there are just two disadvantages. First one is environmental pollution and the second one is deadly weapons.
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Electricity/power source, power outages, fuel shortages, greed.
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There are no disadvantages to technology. Before the invention of modern medicine the average life expectancy was half of what it is today. Out ancestors would have gone extinct without they'r intelligence and ability to make shelter and weapons. And even inventions of war have benefits. While experimenting with types of radar it was discovered that microwaves can cook food. Thanks to the nuclear bomb we have fission plants that produce almost 20% of america's power as well as nuclear medicine that saves thousands of lives. Because of our technology we are the only creatures capable of destroying earth, but we are also the only ones that can save it from any threat.

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